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TCM Health Center Bern (Spitalgasse)
Service Price in CHF
TCM diagnosis (ca. 15 Min.) 30.00
TCM diagnosis in combination with acupuncture (ca. 60 Min.)
- with or without ear acupuncture and warming therapy
Acupucture treatment (45 - 60 Min.) 120.00
Acupuncture normal price (Duration ca. 30 - 40 Min.) 90.00
Price without supplementary insurance 70.00
Ear acupuncture/ Cupping/ Moxibustion/ 
Electric acupuncture/ Prescription for 
phytotherapy Supplementary to acupuncture
Ear acupuncture, , Electric acupuncture, 
Moxibustion as single treatment (ca. 30 Min.)
Tuina massage (ca. 30 Min.) 90.00
Warming therapy (TDP) 10.00
Consultation (5 Min.) 10.00
Missed appointment 40.00
Herbal drops                                                                               Price in CHF
50ml 50.00
100ml 62.00
200ml 121.00
250ml 153.00


We would like to point out to you, that the complementary medicinal treatments according to TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) do not belong to the compulsory benefits of the health insurance companies. Therefore they will only reimburse the costs when you have a supplementary insurance for complementary or alternative medicine. We recommend all of our patients to consult your health insurance company regarding their respective insurance coverage.

Our Chinese TCM physicians are members of the Association of Medical Experts (EMR), the Foundation for the Recognition and Development of Alternative- Complementary Medicine (ASCA). We are also recognized by the health insurance companies Visana and EGK.

Partner list of ASCA-affiliated health insurance companies

List of EMR-affiliated health insurance companies