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What is TCM?

The traditional Chinese medicine is a comprehensive medical system that has been developed in the last 3000 years in China. It is originated from the ideas of the old Chinese philosophers.

The theory of Yin and Yang, together with the five elements (wood, fire, earth, metal and water) form the essence of the traditional Chinese medicine. The body, the environment and the spirit are in constant cooperation, they interact with each other and determine one another.

Among the most important TCM-methods are :


Diagnostic procedure

Both sick and healthy people will be examined and treated wholly according to TCM, taking into consideration the energy aspect. Every energetic disruption should be recognized early, before an illness comes into being and develops into an advanced stage.

The TCM has developed for this respect a manifold diagnostic process. Here the prevention plays an important role : it is regarded as the precondition for a healthy life.

Tongue and Pulse diagnoses make up the basic pillars of the TCM diagnosis. Through the detailed examination of the shape, the color and the characteristics of the tongue and the feeling of pulse of different quality, the specialist can draw a conclusion of the inner processes in the body and the condition of different organs.

This diagnostic process will be complemented by information that is obtained through the examination and the inquiry of the patients. The combination of these diagnostic methods gives the specialists a picture of the existent disharmonies (physical or psychological), which will be resolved during the subsequent therapies.

We would like to point out to you, that the complementary medicinal treatments according to TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) do not belong to the compulsory benefits of the health insurance companies. Therefore they will only reimburse the costs when you have a supplementary insurance for complementary or alternative medicine. We recommend all of our patients to consult your health insurance company regarding their respective insurance coverage.

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